A motivational workshop intended to heal broken hearts during separation or divorce. It is for women eager to evolve and connect with a new beginning.

If you feel stuck, discouraged, and think your life is not taking off after your separation or divorce, this workshop is for you.

The workshop provides a practical toolkit that will allow you to live your divorce process in a better way, finding greater peace.

This workshop is aimed to perform inner work, reflect on your life and encourage personal transformation.

"My experience was unique and wonderful."

Yonnelys Nunez

Who should attend this workshop?

Women who are going through a process of separation or divorce (in any phase) and are looking to feel better, have new tools and move forward with a more positive attitude in this new stage of life.

Women who feel sad, frustrated and want to reinvent themselves. For women that lost their hope, because this difficult moment feel as it will never end.

"The workshop was reflective, profound, and shows you all the stages that are lived in a divorce. Helps you to get more prepared, and with a toolkit to move forward."

Bony Garcia

Workshop topics

  • Understanding grief – the grieving process is analyzed on each stage; various examples are given and participants are invited to identify themselves. This analysis provides participants to achieve a better understanding of their reactions and emotions.
  • How to deal with anger and rage? – I provide different techniques to work safely with anger. Exercises are practiced to test the techniques.
  • Analysis of the most common fears during the divorce process – (loneliness, fear of economic instability). Exercises are provided to transform these fears into enhancers feelings.
  • Emotional dependency – analysis of the dependency signals, the symptoms and how to strengthen your self-esteem to move forward with your life. Exercises and solutions are presented.
  • Working limiting beliefs – Analysis of the most common limiting beliefs during divorce. Displayed cases and practical exercises are performed for everyone to identify their core beliefs, so they can proceed to a primary process of dismantling.
  • Looking back and taking responsibility of your life's outcome. I provide examples of divorce cases (including mine) using the “retrospective-introspective technique”. We go deeply into the causes of divorce, understanding the wounds, and starting a work process to get the necessary clarity and assume the part of your responsibility over the break up. The intention is to provide a deeper understanding of certain unhealed wounds, how our personal story has influenced our life and decisions, and how some negative patterns have marked and guided us into those unwanted situations. It is a process of self-discovery and awareness.
  • Focus on you: the importance of well-being: mind, body & spirit.


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