Think of something you want in your life, but you haven't achieved yet. If I told you there is a faster way to move from point A (now) to point B (your dream), would you take it?

My coaching techniques are designed to transform lives and achieve dreams, motivating and encouraging my clients to overcome obstacles that are on the way to reach their goals.

What I work with my clients: recovery of "love relationships", find purpose in life, get out of the dark when feeling blue, migration support, career change, entrepreneurship, new business development, job search, make important decisions, and other situations you may be dealing with in your life.

Why do I need a life coach?

To move out of your comfort zone to approach your goals.

Sometimes you experience your dreams and goals as something far away. You may even sabotage what you want (consciously or unconsciously), because your fears and limiting beliefs may be holding you back. When you analyze the situation with your coach, you realize that those dreams that seem very difficult to achieve, are connected to the limits that you imposed on an unconscious level long time ago, especially because of the beliefs we got from our environment (from our parents, friends, family, TV).

"Having a coach is a wonderful experience. It encourages you to get in touch with your inner wisdom, and guides you to recognize your strengths and use them to your benefit. In my process with Laura, I discovered that my power resides in approaching my processes in a creative way, so it revealed my full potential."

Heidi Diaz

What to Expect From Life Coaching?

  • Establish a supportive relationship in an environment of total trust.
  • Rely on a new structure, exercises and a variety of tools to help you stay on track and achieve what is important to you.
  • Evaluate negative patterns that have been repeated in your life, and interfered in the achievement of what you desire.
  • Become aware of unconscious processes that may be blocking what you want. This includes a review of personal wounds from the past (some from childhood). This process includes: identify, analyze, understand, learn and live with your core wounds, so they do not operate against you, but rather to your benefit.
  • Expand awareness, improve your "thinking patterns" and acquire new ones that are more beneficial to your life and health.
  • Review your "common excuses" to set them aside, so you can move forward with your life projects.
  • Motivate you to recover confidence in yourself, and achieve personal transformation.
  • Provide focus and a clear strategy, so you can get better results.

"I will summarize my coaching experience in one word: RENEWAL. Thanks Laura for show me the transformational path, and inspire me to take control of my life."

Karina Hernandez

My clients achievements

  • Find a new partner as a result of working her unconscious limiting beliefs; these were not allowing her to attract the right person.
  • Start a new business and became self-sufficient (after been dependant on her ex-husband for more than 15 years).
  • Rediscover inner peace, after "being in the dark" for many reasons, and for a long period of time.
  • Solved a complicated marriage situation, reaching an agreement that worked for them.
  • Discover a new purpose in life (a new passion) and feel better with itself.
  • Focus on a new beginning in her life (after the nest was empty) and trigger a plan that pushed her to transform a hobbie in a successful business.
  • Begin a job search and find a new job, after being paralyzed by the fear of a new start in another place, (after working for more than 16 years for the same company).
  • Overcoming the fears related to moving to another country and realize that this change was the best decision.
  • Work as a part-time Realtor, while still working in the corporate world.


The packages are based on the needs of each client. My Life coaching sessions takes place through virtual sessions, using preferably skype or google hangout. The use of the camera makes the session more effective, getting close to a face-to-face appointment.

Face to face appointments will depend on city location and availability.

Minimum package: 5 sessions.

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Important information:

It is important to emphasize that coaching is not therapy and cannot solve or address psychological or mental problems.

Life & divorce coaching is a discipline that is focused on caring for healthy people to reach their full potential.

"Coaching does not seek to heal a sick person, it seeks to help the healthy person to be extraordinary."

Thomas Leonard - Founder of ICF and IAC.