Who am I:

I specialize in developing tailor-made plans for your HR needs. An expert at Human Resources methodologies, with a "unique and transformational approach", always thinking for solutions outside of the box, looking far and beyond the current state. Change is a fact and we need  to proceed with it, anticipating what it comes for tomorrow.

I am a highly motivated "people person" with international Human Resources experience in the US and Latin America, specializing in projects related to talent transformation, succession plan, development of high potentials and high performers, high speed training, mentoring and coaching plans.

Also, an expert at recruiting  & staffing solutions, best practices in HR Administration & compensation.

Some of the questions that many business owners are asking themselves about their businesses:

Are my employees 80%-100% productive? How can I maximize productivity? What techniques should I use?

Do I have the right people at the right positions to make my company grow? I can help!

What is the impact our company & employees are generating in the world?

Services Description:

  • Talent Development: I will help your company build a successful succession plan, so we can train your high potentials and high performers to be the future leaders of your organization. I will design a training & development plan based on coaching and mentoring, and reviewing the necessary competencies your employees will need to develop.
    Having a succession plan in place will help you save money, time and effort, looking outside, what you would be able to develop internally. Even with a tight budget I would help you to achieve your goals. I will develop the talent scope technique to identify the right people for the right position.
    This plan will include executive coaching for your Directors and Managers.
  • HR Transformation & Workforce Planning: If your company is going through a tough time, you may need to take a closer look at your employees, because people is a reflection of your service or product. I will help you identify areas of HR improvement se we can move forward with the changing environment. Culture change may be something your company needs, so an intervention & deep analysis may be required. This service consist in workforce planning, budgeting, and a HR strategic plan for the future, so you can anticipate what the company will need 2 or 3 years from now.
  • Headhunting & best recruitment practices.

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