Executive Coaching is a process that pursues the maximum professional development of the individual in his work environment, achieving its best performance.

The areas that are worked with each executive (Director / Manager) are: relationship with the company, its bosses, co-workers, subordinates, the contribution and meaning of their work, annual results, and their personal & family relations, because everything around us influence de way we work, specially our personal life.

Well-worked coaching involves a profound transformation in the person who receives it, as long as there is a genuine commitment to the process.

What can we work in executive coaching?

  • Identify barriers that are significant obstacles to your performance.
  • Reinforce leadership skills, teamwork and the skills needed to achieve business objectives.
  • Become aware of your strengths and work through your weaknesses.
  • Modeling new practices that result in behavioral change to boost better management habits.
  • Empower your talents to achieve better results in your work.
  • Balance your personal and professional life.
  • Align your personal values with business.
  • Inspire your staff to follow your vision and achieve as a team, better results for the company.

These results are achieved through

  • The design of an action plan in which the coachee is committed to ensure progress.
  • Weekly, monthly or bi-monthly reviews, with the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness in the coachee personal change.
  • Use of various tools, which are applied depending on the personal style of the coachee.

Does the company recover the amount invested in coaching?

Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Resource Center Association found that coaching return on investment is about 7 times the initial investment.

It has been proven in several studies around the world that with the implementation of coaching, productivity is increased, as well as sales and profitability, as a result of improving job satisfaction and happiness at work.


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