My coaching techniques are designed to "heal broken hearts," and to give you the support you need at any stage of separation or divorce.

I will guide you to find clarity during this difficult and painful process, and motivate you to move forward, feel better and transform your life.

"Her strategies are practical and effective. Her style made me feel comfortable in every session and motivated me to commit myself to forgive, leave the past behind and start over. I have seen significant changes in a short time. I am recovering my joy and essence. Thanks Laura."

Ingrid Salazar

Why do I need a divorce coach?

It is common to think: "I can handle the divorce myself". But the reality is we don't know the emotional tsunami we are about to expose ourselves to.

In my research, I found that most people who faced divorce, regretted not looking for help from the beginning. The emotional cost was very high and, if they have had that support, they would made fewer mistakes, be more prepare to handle sadness and difficult situations, negotiate better conditions, achieve greater clarity to make better decisions and feel better during the process.

What to expect from Divorce Coaching?

Have a space of total privacy to vent with absolute confidence.

  • Feel less lonely in your separation process.
  • Being able to talk openly about your feelings without been judged.
  • Ask and clarify any doubts you may have.
  • Rely on helpful techniques, specially for the moments of greater anxiety and emotional vulnerability.
  • Motivate you to think of a new beginning and reclaim the confidence in yourself.
  • Feel much better as you walk the path of divorce, making the grieving process no longer that it should be.
  • Work appropriately the following emotions: anger, guilt, fear, sadness, discouragement, frustration & others.
  • Expand your awareness and acquire positive habits for your mental health.
  • Have weekly follow up's to motivate and encourage you, especially when feeling hopeless.
  • Handle change in a better way (overcoming "denial" and resistance to change).
  • Manage conflicts with your ex-partner and learn to communicate more assertively (especially if there are children involved).
  • Identify and heal your wounds. Review patterns that have been repeated in your life, and learn to heal them to avoid repetition.
  • Separate your relationship with your ex-partner from the co-parent relationship.

"My coaching process has been one of self-discovery. I am more aware of my life and the things that had happened to me. I have learnt to accept the situations I can't change and had experience a great transformative process. Thanks, Laura."

Beruzca Aparicio

My clients achievements

  • My clients have been able to feel much better in a reasonably period of time during their divorce process, and achieved greater inner peace and tranquility.
  • Changed some of their core limiting beliefs. For example:"I will never find a partner again".
  • Overcome their deepest and most disturbing fears.
  • Make assertive decisions, such as not throwing out the towel and continue negotiating until a win-win agreement is reached for both sides.
  • Achieved "genuine forgiveness" and left resentment aside (towards people and situations).
  • Accomplished specific objectives (established by the client), such as: achieving well-being in all areas of their lives; have a better relationship with themselves; recover their self-esteem and empower their own life by not feeling victimized by what happened.
  • Recognized patterns in their lives that have been repeated, identified their core wounds and work through them.
  • Use their free time more efficiently (especially when kids stay with the father), and get the motivation and inspiration to develop new strategies to set up their own business, thus feeling useful and good with themselves again.


Coaching packages are based on the needs of each client. I can support you at any time of your process, (since you just decided to move forward with separation or when you are dealing with divorce). I can also support you when, regardless of been divorced for many years, you haven't healed completely, not feeling good yet, neither have enthusiasm or joy for living.

Minimum package: 5 sessions

Desirable package to work a divorce process in greater depth and achieve extraordinary results: 10 sessions.

To request a quote: info@lauraaiello.com

Note: my coaching practice is based on emotional support, not on legal advice.

Divorce coaching sessions usually takes place through virtual sessions, using preferably skype or google hangout. The use of camera makes the session more effective. Face to face appointments will depend on city location.