1. Divorce Coaching

My coaching techniques are designed to "heal broken hearts," and to give you the support you need at any stage of separation or divorce.

2. Life Coaching

Think of something you want in your life, but you haven't achieved yet. If I told you there is a faster way to move from point A (now) to point B (your dream), would you take it?

3. New Beginnings Workshop

A motivational workshop intended to heal broken hearts during separation or divorce. It is for women eager to evolve and connect with a new beginning.

4. New Beginnings Retreat

The retreat is designed to rebuild "broken hearts" during the separation or divorce process. A motivational experience to help you overcome grief during your break up.

5. HR Consulting

Talent development transformation best practices, headhunting, recruitment and coaching & mentoring programs.

6. Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a process that pursues the maximum professional development of the individual in his work environment, achieving its best performance.