One of the phrases I like the most is: "be the change you want to see in the world" by Ghandi. And that's why I'm here, because I truly believe when we change internally in a positive way, this change is reflected in the interaction with others and everything around us begins to improve.

I feel passion for what I do and I am here to help and support you. My goal is to provide practical tools you can use to move forward with your life, both personally and professionally.

I have observed that regardless of the country or cultural background, people's problems are always similar and we all need a little push at some point. Falling down and getting back up is part of life, but when we are in the "dark" we think that we are the only ones suffering, and not many people can understand our pain. This is then, a good opportunity to look for professional support.

A few years ago I made an important decision. After falling in love, my boyfriend proposed and I moved to the US with him. I felt as I was leaving part of my life behind, but that was ok because I was excited to start a new life with him in a small town in upstate New York.

We all have high expectations about the success of our marriage, we trust that everything will go well, but unfortunately it's not always the case, and after several years the relationship didn't work. Then, I took a difficult decision: getting divorce. At first I was depressed, I lived my grieving process and I learned a lot from it. I decided to live this period of my life as a great learning experience, to go deep in what happened, explore my own process, do a lot of research and start a new spiritual journey. All of this helped me to deal with pain, and get closer to the power of "acceptance and forgiveness". I changed my attitude, improved my thinking patterns and left behind old beliefs that were hurting me.

My divorce opened the door for a new "calling", and this is what I identified as one of the most important mission's in my life: "heal broken hearts".  Since then, I have followed the path to make it true. I took an International Life Coaching Certification, a Relationship Coaching Certification and I immersed myself in study and research everything related to heal the wounds from breakups. Now a days, I served my women dealing with separation or divorce and I can say, that my heart is filled with joy when my clients achieve a positive transformation in their life's, after been in a coaching process with me.

Many studies have concluded that some of the events that cause most stress in people's lives are divorce, home moving, immigration and changes in work and /or careers. I have gone through all of them; I even did some of them at once, when I decided to get divorce, moved from Rochester, resigned my job and start a new journey as a Life & Divorce Coach and TV Host, after been for more than 15 years in the corporate world. All my experiences, the personal ones, working  in Corporate and also been an entrepreneur, makes my practice very rich and savvy.

This chapter in my life was not easy because I had to face many challenges, but I decided to follow my intuition, even though many people told me "that's crazy". My positive attitude and a toolkit that I developed, helped me to overcome the most difficult times and moved successfully through the different challenges.

At this point, I can proudly say that I wouldn't change one single thing in my life, because who I am now, is a reflection of those events that made me stronger and they keep guiding me in this new path, where I believe I need to create awareness about the importance of looking for the right help when you are dealing with separation, divorce or any difficult time in your life.

Professional Life:

In the last 15 years, Laura has worked in Human Resources for Corporate America, where she has held some of the following positions: Human Resources Manager, Training & Development Manager, Compensation & Benefits Manager. Her favorite positions has been those where she had the possibility of generating positive impact on people's life, by advising them with a variety of topics.

She has worked and live in many countries, including Latin America, Canada, Israel and the US, and count with the following certifications and professional studies:

Bachelor in Human Resources

Master in Business Management

International Life Coaching Certification (ILC Academy, certified by the IAC, International Association of Coaching)

Relationship Coaching Certification (ILC Academy, certified by the IAC, International Association of Coaching)

DDI International Trainer Certification

Green Belt - Lean Six Sigma Certification

She also provides consulting services in the area of Human Resources, especially in executive coaching, and has been interviewed in many radio and TV shows, to spread the word about the importance of having the right help when going through the grieving process.

She was recently interviewed in Telemundo channel (Spanish). Clic to see it

If you want to see her corporate professional bio , go to: linkedin profile


Indira Dalel-Rodriguez

"I really like your style because you helped me to think and find solutions to my problems. Coaching was a good way to engage myself to get better results for my life."

Gloria Daza Onderdonk

"Coaching has helped me to increase my level of awareness and expand my perspective, to be motivated and to keep me on track. It has also helped me to observed, analyzed and solve all my blockages, so I can see the solutions more clear. The use of different strategies, especially the NLP anchoring exercise has allowed me to improve my mood. It is an honor to have you as a coach. Many successes! ."

Carolina Rodriguez

"With Laura I learned to FOCUS and to work disciplinarily for my purposes. I also learned to TAKE ACTION and things that seemed stuck began to happen in my life. I learned to trust and always hope for the best result of each situation, to practice GRATITUDE and understand that the only way to achieve my goals is by staying in MY PRESENT."